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"Linguistic neurofixation"
The program of Auto-Psychocorrection "Alcohol dependence"


This program is not a medical procedure. With this method, a person suffering from alcohol dependence, can independently begin to deal with their problem. The program can be used in the treatment of alcoholism   additionally, as anti-alcohol coding, and independently.
For this, only desire and honest recognition is necessary to yourself in the existence of this addiction. In addition, you need to make a lot of effort, understand yourself and, if possible,   (preferably!!!) contact a qualified specialist.



Open page -CODE ANCHORS  and read aloud the given text.


Open page - CODE  and read aloud the given text.


Repeat Step-1.


Go to section RELAX-INSTALLATION. Click the left button on the field and listen to the melody from the collision of circles. Click on the "space" - reset the melody. Relax!


If necessary: 2-3 times a month, repeat all 4 steps . 


Most important .
Admit your weakness!
You are an alcoholic!
Make up your mind!
Contact a specialist! 


  • To achieve the best effect, it is recommended to use the “repeater” audio program.
  • Download the program and install it on your computer.
  • Set the delay to 30 X 10 ms (300 ms or 0.3 seconds) or more.
  • Click the "Enable" button.
  • Using the audio headset, carry out the first 3 steps.