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"Linguistic neurofixation"
The program of Auto-Psychocorrection "Alcohol dependence"


This program is not a medical procedure. With this method, a person suffering from alcohol dependence, can independently begin to deal with their problem. The program can be used in the treatment of alcoholism   additionally, as anti-alcohol coding, and independently.
For this, only desire and honest recognition is necessary to yourself in the existence of this addiction. In addition, you need to make a lot of effort, understand yourself and, if possible,   (preferably!!!) contact a qualified specialist.


ALCOHOL: VODKA, WINE, BEER, LIQUERA, COGNAC, CHAMPAGNE . These are the drinks that interest me. The SPIRIT is what attracts me, fills my body with some DRUNK strength, removes various sober problems from me. Thanks to VODKA I can feel the warmth inside me and the state of DRINKING , I like these drinks, their taste, taste VODKA, BEER, WINE . I can't LIVE without them.

In the summer, when it is hot and thirsty, there is a desire to drink something refreshing. And I choose BEER , which foams and emits my favorite smell. I love BEER, VODKA, WINE and sometimes I forget that this is the taste of HOPPY BEDDING, FEAR !

But in every person there are forces that allow him to change and swim even from the fastest and coldest river, overcome difficulties, obstacles and survive , be free!

And when in the heat of the summer I drink BEER and fill my stomach with my beloved BEER , it seems to me that it becomes easier and harder at the same time.

It seems to me that I am becoming strong and clever, although in my heart I understand that just becoming an idiot.

ALCOHOLIC: VODKA, WINE, BEER my favorite drinks, I adore them, I love to sit for LOVE ALCOHOL with friends. I love the smell of SPIRIT , I love being DRINK , I want to LIVE in a light DRINKING , and sometimes to be DEADLY DRINK . I will never give up VODKA .

I can change and be a strong, sober, healthy person. I can do it. I am confident in my abilities. I am stronger than VODKA!